Lucky 7 and a Rickroll

This question has nothing to do with Rick Astley or Never Gonna Give You Up. I was just Rickrolled. Ironically, I was Rickrolled yesterday by a friend as well.

Click to enlarge.

The answer/solution for the last question is up, too. And thankfully, no math for this one.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth, in 3D

I mistook a period to be a dead pixel. That is all.

No spoilers here, just subjectivity masquerading as objectivity.

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9, But Upside Down

Regarding the last question – the President of the United States must be elected! Congratulations to Yoz.

Anyway, this is a guest question from cokematic.  Enjoy!

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Naruto Goes Green

This image was not taken out of context. Kishi has turned green.

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5th Time the Charm?

Okay! Round 5 of Brain Food. Congratulations to Yoz on providing the correct answer to the previous question. A link to past questions can be found on the sidebar to the right.

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Important Discovery Made!

After many years of careful planning and design, I have crafted blueprints for a working, life-sized Gundam.

Actually, if that were the case I’d be out extorting governments. But I did find some good stuff.

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Halfway Point – Allison & Lillia

Since Episode 13 is finally subbed, it’s safe to assume that Allison’s part of the story has ended. I figure that a short little review/reflection is in order for the first half. I also want to use the introduction of Lillia (whom I’ve always thought of as completely unrelated to Allison and Will but actually turned out to be their daughter) to speculate a little on what’s to come.
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4th Round – Brain Food

If you missed it, #2 and #3 were posted together here. Congrats to Llora-chan (again) and samosa who got #2 and #3 respectively. So much for slacking off today. Again, I’m dating this with tomorrow’s date. Disregard the datestamp WordPress attaches to this, but do not overlook the cake. I just woke up from a nap.

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Brain Food – Seconds, Please

Tomorrow’s post today so I can slack off. Hence, it shall be dated with tomorrow’s date. WordPress’ date stamp is a lie. However, the cake is not.  (If you’re wondering about my mental state, I’m wondering about it too. I’m always like this when I just wake up – incoherent and delirious.)

#2 – July 16th, 2008

A man and his wife have five children. Half of them are boys. How is this possible?

Also, many thanks to everyone who ventured a guess in the last puzzle (Llora-chan got it on her second try). Solution is posted in Comment #9.

Update: Because I didn’t expect anyone to get the last one so soon.

#3 – Still July 16th, 2008

A horse travels a certain distance each day. However, two of its legs travel 30 km while the other two travel 31 km. Since the horse is quite normal, how is this possible?

Preview – Gundam 00 Season 2

I must have been living under a rock for the past few days or weeks (God I hope it isn’t months) to not have noticed the trailer for Gundam 00 Season 2! Also, this is a pretty straightforward fanboy rundown of my Season 2 expectations.
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